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"Building gross motor, fine motor, visual perceptual and visual motor skills to help children become independent in the school environment."

Contact Us:

Occupational Therapist: Chelsea McGowan, OT
(732) 946-0055 ext. 5757 at CRPS
[email protected]
Schools: CRPS, CDMS

Occupational Therapist: Ryan G. White, OT
(732) 946-0055 ext. 5767 at CRPS
[email protected]
Schools: CRPS, CRES

Occupational Therapist: Janet Baccash, OT
(732) 946-0055
jb[email protected]
Schools: CRPS, CRES 

Physical Therapist: Christine Doran, MS, PT
(732) 946-0055 ext. 5727 at CRPS
[email protected]

Physical Therapist: Jennifer Santaniello,  PT
(732) 946-0055 ext. 4700 at CRPS
School: CRPS

Practice, practice, practice!

At home exercises to build strength and balance:

Pushups Carrying groceries Crab walking Scooter races Monkeybars Running
Sit-ups Pushing a shopping cart Pilates Swimming Tire swing Jumping
Jumping jacks Games on a T-stool Snow angels Catch and throw Swingset Twister game
Vacuuming Wheelbarrow walking Bridges Sports Balance beam Hopscotch

At home exercises to build fine motor skills:

Pop beads Coloring with small crayons Cutting activities Writing with small pencils Arts and crafts
Clothespins Play-doh Hammering Small chalk pieces Pipe cleaner games
Lacing games Putty games Games with small pieces Rapper snappers Finger-painting

At home exercises to build visual perceptual & visual motor skills:

Mazes Crossword puzzles Matching Reading Drawing mirror images
Puzzles Word searches Memory games Copying designs Parquetry
Battle ship game Hidden Pictures Sequencing games Copying from the board Target games-darts, T-ball, Tennis, Catch and throw etc...

We use

Handwriting Without Tears!!

HWT is a multisensory handwriting program that teaches children how to write in a fun and easy way!


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