Waiver Option

Eligible employees have the option to waive the District medical and/or dental benefits and receive a Stipend. If you have health benefits elsewhere, you may be eligible. Note: The stipend is typically paid no later than June 30th and is subject to standard payroll taxes.

To waive the insurance, you must complete the appropriate Stipend in Lieu of Medical Benefits Form and provide proof of other insurance coverage. This stipend form is required to be completed each year during the Open Enrollment period. The waiver amounts can be found in your current Collective Bargaining Agreement. Stipends for new employees are prorated based on the date of hire.

Members who have waived coverage may re-enter the District's insurance by applying during the Open Enrollment period or if they experience a “Qualifying Life Event.” Please refer to your Collective Bargaining Agreement for examples of a “Qualifying Life Event.”

The Stipend form may be found on the page entitled “Forms”.

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