Danielle Conforti

Hi! I’m Danielle, founder of Anchored In Peace! 

Mindfulness made an appearance in my life about two decades ago.  It was during a time of extreme stress and dis-ease that I was fortunate enough to be introduced to it.  It became an instant staple and a practice that I continue to come to daily.


As a mom of 3 and an educator it became clear to me that the levels of anxiety and stress in our youth were increasing and they were in need of tools to help them navigate through.  It was then that I started infusing mindfulness practices that had been helpful to me into my classroom.  Recognizing the enthusiasm in which the students embraced this practice was all the encouragement I needed to expand my teachings! 


Since then I have spent years training to become certified to bring mindfulness into the classroom setting.  I continue to share my passion and knowledge of mindfulness with administrators, teachers, parents and students (and really anyone that will listen )!!! 

 Please feel free to contact me at [email protected]  for more information on my offerings.


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