Child Find

Colts Neck Township Public School District's Department of Special Services is seeking resident children, ages 3-21, who may be experiencing difficulty with language development, vision, hearing, mobility, manipulating objects, sensory integration, social skills, emotional problems and/or learning.

If your child is between the ages of 3 and 21, or is approaching the age of 3, and is experiencing these or similar educational difficulties, please contact Richard Beck, Ph.D, NCSP, Colts Neck Township Director of Special Services, at (732)946-0055 Extension 4124.

Colts Neck Township Public School District is responsible for locating and identifying resident children who may have an educational disability and may be eligible for special education and related services (or eligible for speech-language services), including children who are in public and nonpublic schools and those who live in highly mobile settings, such as migrant and homeless children

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