Welcome to the Transportation Department

All children residing in Colts Neck are transported to and from school. The routes and stops are planned for safety, efficiency, and to meet time constraints in accordance with the Board of Education policies. Bus stops are assigned to accommodate the majority of the children in a designated area. Flexibility, routes and stops may be changed at any time. Parents shall be informed prior to a change.

Complaints about transportation should be brought to the attention of the Transportation Coordinator at 732-431-0681. If the complainant disagrees with the verbal decision, a written communication with details of the complaint shall be sent to the Business Administrator for review. For further action the complaint will be brought to the Superintendent.

School bus safety information is on our website. It is requested that parents familiarize their children with the safety rules. School bus safety is a matter of teamwork that requires constant support of the administration, the pupil and the parent.

During inclement weather it is recommended that parents not drive children to school. Increased traffic creates additional hazards for the children. Although there may be delay on bus routes, a child is considered safer in a school bus than in a car. If you wish to keep your child out of the weather, wait at the bus stop. Any changes to school schedules will be announced on the radio and posted on the Websites listed under the School Closing Announcements section of this Handbook.

All school buses meet Federal and State regulations, are equipped with the following safety devices: seat belts, stop arms, crossing arms and the Seon Camera System. Seon cameras monitor all activity on the school bus.

All bus drivers (district and contract) meet Federal and State regulations, including criminal background checks and random drug testing.

Children misbehaving on school buses may face suspension from the bus or from school as a consequence.

It is the policy of the Board of Education not to allow a child to ride on any bus other than his/her own, EXCEPT IN THE CASE OF AN EMERGENCY OR SERIOUS ILLNESS IN THE FAMILY. Buses are at or near student capacity, therefore there are no extra seats for permitting a child to switch from one bus to another. Any deviation from this policy must have the approval of the school Principal.

Transportation Staff:
Kathleen Holland, Transportation Coordinator
Audrey Spader, Assistant Coordinator
Stanley Patterson - Mechanic

Miriam Teeter
Joanne Tillotson
Tina Tricomi
Nancy Havens
Vikki McGuiness
Christine Tesoriero
Ralph Stuto
Laura Crawley
Joann Commisso
Gwynne Dawson
Joann Holder
John Donoghue
Glen Gray
Yasuko McQuagge

Substitute Drivers:
Pat Ambio
Mario Rivera
Andrew Goldberg
Greg Dawson

Barbara Cannata
Debbie Grzelak

Transportation Address:

231 Route 34
Suite B
Colts Neck, New Jersey 07722

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