Student Chromebook Return Information

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The Colts Neck Schools Technology Department will be collecting all student Chromebooks the week of June 20th. 

Collection Process:

  1. Students are to complete pre-populated CNSD Chromebook Check-In form. This will be done in the homeroom prior to turning in the device. The homeroom teacher will distribute the Check-in Forms.
  2. Students will turn the completed form in with their device, charger and case. *If no damage or issue is indicated on the Check-In Form, the issue may not be resolved prior to next school year.
  3. Any student that does not return a device/charger/case will receive notification of corresponding replacement fee.
  4. Fees for missing or damaged items can be paid via Payschools Central or Check 
  5. Return all items during the Collection Dates below

Device Fees:

The following items will need to be returned in working order or the associated fee will be imposed.

  1. Chromebook *cost to be determined by repair
  2. Chromebook Charger $20
  3. Chromebook Case $20

After the Technology Departments receives all Chromebooks and completes our audit we will notify parents/guardians of any outstanding fees that are a result of missing or damaged equipment that have not been prepaid or reported.

Fee Payments:

Parents/Guardians have 2 options for paying fees:

  1. Credit Card/Debit Card: using the Payschools Central website or Payschools Central Apps (Links to iOS & Android apps are below the login field. 
  2.  Check: Need to fill out “Chromebook Fee paid by Check” form 

We ask that if you know in advance that there are missing or damaged items that you go ahead and prepay the associated fee via PaySchools. Please use this link for instructions on how to pay for these fees though PaySchools. 

Device Return Window:

If a school issued device is not returned during the designated collection week of June 20th, there is a one week grace period for the device to be turned in. Failure to turn in a district issued device by June 30th, will warrant further actions to be taken. 

Device Distribution - 22/23 School Year:

This year devices will be distributed before school begins, in late August. Specific details will be emailed detailing dates, times and locations. Please be advised that students currently in grades 3, 4, 6, & 7 will be receiving the same Chromebook they used during the 21/22 school year (unless an issue was specified in the Check-In Form). 


Any questions regarding this process can be directed to Mr. Phil Capasso, Supervisor of Student Information Systems, Innovation & 21st Century Learning at [email protected] or 732.946.0055 ext 4113

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