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I’m Pam Brett, your in-house math consultant. I love to grapple with mathematical problems!

Math was my favorite subject all the way through elementary school, because I was a fast finisher and good at memorizing my facts.  In middle school, however, I quickly learned that the memorization of facts and procedures had not prepared me for the conceptual ideas in pre-algebra and beyond.  I muddled through with the help of friends and tutors. As an undergraduate, I enrolled in a middle school math methods class (I still don’t remember why I chose to take that class!).  Before we were permitted to work with students, the professor insisted on assigning problems for us to solve.  I was not a fan of this idea until I realized that sitting in the seat of the problem solver is a necessary part of preparation.  That professor normalized the roller coaster ride of mathematical learning, guiding us to embrace the twists and turns, ups and downs of solving hard problems.  Riding the rollercoaster helped us to understand the point of view of the student, which in turn made us better teachers when we did finally meet our students.

As a consultant, I invite all students and teachers aboard a mathematical roller coaster as we safely navigate those twists and turns, curiosity, puzzlement and “ah-ha” moments.  Throughout this ride,  we will work together to answer four very simple questions unique to the students in Colts Neck.  (1) What does it mean to learn mathematics? (2) How do students see themselves as mathematical learners?  (3) Why do students get engaged with mathematics (and why does engagement matter)?  (4) What can we as teachers do to provide students with engaging learning experiences in mathematics?  

I can’t wait to buckle up with the Colts Neck teachers and students!

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