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    The Pre-School Program in Colts Neck utilizes the High Scope Curriculum
     Teacher Extension E-Mail
    Mrs. Robin Worth    7538 worth@coltsneckschools.org 
    Mrs. Kerilyn O'Hare 7231ohare@coltsneckschools.org 
    Mrs. J. McGuire  7527 mcguire@coltsneckschools.org 
    Mrs. L. Marretta 7525 marretta@coltsneckschools.org 
    Mrs. L. Mastroianni   7513 mastroianni@coltsneckschools.org 
    The Colts Neck Public Schools' Pre-School Program offers an opportunity for typically developing children to attend school along side students with disabilities in an enriching educational and social environment.  
    For additional information about our pre-school program for your typically developing child,  please call Tricia Barr, Principal at 732 946-0055 Ext. 4700
    For additional information about our pre-school program, if you suspect that your child may have a disability or developmental delay, please call Dr. Richard Beck, Director of Special Services at 732 946-0055 Ext. 4124