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    All uniforms need to be returned to Mrs. Rosenberg or Mr. Mulligan as soon as possible.
    If you have not already done so, please subscribe to the CDMS Spring Track page. Instructions are attached here and will be distributed to each member at our meeting. It is important you subscribe to the page so you will get any updates to our meet and practice schedule.
    IF YOU DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO THE PAGE YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE PERTINENT INFORMATION. **Please note- Firefox or Google Chrome are the best ways to successfully subscribe to the website.**
    Coaches Email Mr. Mulligan mulligan@coltsneckschools.org Mrs. Rosenberg rosenberg@coltsneckschools.org
    The Middle School Track and Field experience is designed for all students of all ability and fitness levels. Spring Track and Field offers something for everyone. There are long distance, sprinting, jumping and throwing events.  Students can create their own goals for what they want to get out of the program. For those who are competitive, we do offer the opportunity to compete in several events throughout the spring.  The team aspect of track and field is a great physical, mental, and social experience for all middle school athletes.  While we encourage all participants to compete with the team, it is the students' choice.  Those that do not compete can go to watch and help out at the meets. 
    1. Show up prepared and ready to run.
    2. Always give your best effort.
    3. Listen to your coaches.
    4. Show respect.
    5. Have fun.
    All people are born to run.  Our bodies are built to run incredible distances and are also capable of generating great speed.  Everyone is born with this ability.  How we care for our bodies throughout our lives determines whether or not we can fulfill this gift.  The most challenging part is getting started.  The first couple of weeks will not feel good.  But get over the hump and you will find great pleasure in doing what your body was built to do.  Your body has an unbelievable ability to adapt to the demands placed upon it.  Run and you will become a runner. Maps and directions to the meets can be found under "Athletics" and "Maps and Locations" from the CDMS main page.
Last Modified on May 30, 2017