• Achieve NJ
    Colts Neck Township Schools is committed to implementing the most effective and meaningful teacher evaluation system to benefit both students and educators.  In partnership and with fidelity, our educational community continues its collaboration to define and identify proficient as well as distinguished instructional practices;  our dedication to being designers of quality and engaging work for our students is evident in our planning and preparation; and we invite our students to be "minds on" participants within their classroom environments.
    In addition to the aforementioned priorities that are both observable and artifact based, Colts Neck Township Schools is committed to cultivating an environment that celebrates our efforts and contributions to various professional responsibilities that extend beyond the classroom. 
    The New Jersey Department of Education has updated and revised its web page dedicated to ACHIEVE NJ.  The link can be accessed by clicking here.
    Colts Neck Township Schools Board of Education's Policies on Evaluation:
Last Modified on August 9, 2016