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Marking period 3 is more than halfway through.  Spring will soon be here, and all of the distractions of sunshine and warm weather.  Something else that will be here is the PARCC test.  Testing begins the week we return from spring break.  Stay focused on your curriculum work, and take advantage of any time spent practicing and preparing for the PARCC.   As you finish marking period 3, end strong and ready to finish out a great sixth grade year in marking period 4.  Remember to prioritize and organize to help you meet your academic goals.  We are here to help you so don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have.  We also have our homework program and our peer tutoring program after school that might help you.  
Many of you are joining in new experiences through the many activities offered at Cedar.  You may have started making new friends, maybe reaching out to someone new in your classes, in the cafeteria, or in an after school club.  Winter intramurals are finishing and then spring intramurals will be on the way.  Maybe there is something that meets your interest.  Stay involved in all of the great things that Cedar Drive has to offer to make your middle school experience a great one.
Please make sure your Chromebooks are FULLY charged every night, bring your charger to school.
An organized locker helps you to be more successful.  Need help? 
PARCC dates
April 19-21 - ELA
April 24-26 - Math 
Go to parcconline.org for information as well as access to practice tests. 
If you are trying to contact a teacher with a question or concern, please use our email.
                    If you are having trouble viewing grades on the parent portal, please contact Terry Pilitzer for assistance.
Interims for marking period 3 have been posted.
Sixth Grade Team B