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Facilities Use and Regulations
Buildings rented pursuant to Rules and Regulations as follows;

    1.     (a) Permission for use of any school room or auditorium must be obtained from the Board of Education or its representative to whom that authority has been delegated. 
    (b) Unless otherwise specified, the person or persons signing the application shall be held responsible for supervision of activity and shall be present during the use of building facilities.

    2.    Police and fire protection shall be provided when necessary and the cost of same, if any, shall be paid by the organization using the building.

    3.     Whenever a building is being used by an organization for any purpose, a custodian with Black Seal Boiler License must open and close the building and be present while it is being used.

    4.    In no case shall the use of building facilities by an organization he allowed to conflict with school activities

    5.    Misuse of a building or any facilities therein shall result in the organization involved being denied further use of same. Signature of this application reflects agreement that damages caused by the participants in the organization's activity will be borne in full by the organization.

    6.     A certificate of insurance must accompany this application. Policy exclusions must be provided.

    7.     The Board or its representatives shall at all times have free access to all parts of school buildings while rented.

    8.     The right is reserved by the Board to revoke this permit should such action be deemed necessary.

    9.    This permit does not include the use of equipment owned by the schools such as spotlights flood lights, moving picture apparatus band instruments etc., unless specifically allowed.

    10.  NOTE: Only that part of building specifically mentioned in permit is to be used.

    11.  Smoking, use of obscene, vulgar or profane language and all forms of rowdyism shall be prohibited.

    12.  The services of the custodian shall not include erecting or dismantling of scenery or equipment.

    13.  Scenery and equipment may be installed on the approval of the Board's representative, but must be removed from the building within 24  hours after use or that scenery and equipment will be disposed of.

    14. Telephone arrangements for building usage will not be permitted. All requests for use of the plant and grounds must be presented in writing by the first of the month and at least twenty-five (25) days in advance of the event. A shorter period will be considered in an emergency.

    Last Modified on July 10, 2015