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Welcome to the Grade 3 Page          Kids of the world
     As a third grader at Conover Road Elementary there will be so many interesting things to learn and new people to meet.  We hope you have a wonderful experience from the moment you arrive.
Check out what the students are learning at our Science Labarrow
You can also find the Science Lab webpage under the 'Grade Level' tab.
     On your left you will find links to much more information about 3rd grade.
Use this link to access the EnVision Grade 3 math textbook online:
- A letter will be sent home showing your child's username and password.  Please note it is case sensitive.
- To view videos, click on Explore, choose a topic and a lesson, then click view.  Or, to view textbook pages, there is an icon of a book that says "open book"; click on it and the student text will appear.
To print out a workbook page from the website:
  • type in your username and password
  • click on the opened book icon
  • choose student resources from the menu on the left
  • check your Student Planner for the topic number and lesson number (example: 4-5 would be Topic 4, Lesson 5)
  • Open the lesson you need and click on the reteach or practice page listed below the lesson number 
  • the workbook page should appear on your screen
  • print this page :)