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Empowering and inspiring students

Below are links to websites that have tools and materials for teaching students with special learning needs.
Educational Resources Websites:
For All Kinds of Minds website, please click below
For Educational Publications (US Gov't) material, please click below 
For F.R.E.E. material, please click below
For Learning Disabilities online, please click below
For Schwab Learning education material, please click below 
Instructional Support and Services:
Click Below for a copy of the Referral to Child Study Team
Please remember that a referral to the Child Study Team is a Tier 3 intervention.  In most situations, prior to initiating a Tier 3 intervention, the I&RS Committee should consider and implement Tier 1 and 2 interventions first.  Please include documentation from the I&RS Committee with the  referral.            
Click Below for a Guide to the Six Models of Co-Teaching
Last Modified on October 5, 2012