Colts Neck Township Schools

Empowering and inspiring students

The Colts Neck community takes great pride in their commitment to providing a comprehensive instructional program for all students. The K – 8 curriculum is broad and responsive to the range of talent that exists within the children of our district. It is clear by all available measures that the students of Colts Neck continue to demonstrate exceptional progress academically, artistically, socially, and physically. This high level of achievement is the result of ongoing efforts to offer a rigorous program that challenges and motivates students in all areas of development. Enrichment opportunities exist that provide exposure to higher level thinking and problem solving skills. An abundance of programs are in place throughout the district that instill within children the desire to become lifelong learners. Instructional opportunities are promoted that require active learning, mastery of essential skills, the application of knowledge to real-life problems, and creative thinking. Excellence in drama, the fine and performing arts, and athletics are visible signs of the manner in which the district seeks to address the principles of multiple intelligence theory.
School Configuration
The district supports three schools based upon a K-2 (Conover Road Primary School), 3-5 (Conover Road Elementary School), and 6-8 (Cedar Drive Middle School) configuration. Each school provides the students with access to state-of-the-art technologies that include a video-retrieval system, high-speed Internet access, fully automated libraries, Applied Technology, and e-mail. After-school child-care is offered by the YMCA to provide working families with high quality child-care.
Conover Road Primary School
Conover Road Primary School encourages children to become life-long readers, writers and mathematical thinkers. Our students in Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades are provided with many opportunities to take risks and ask essential questions as they participate in a myriad of learning experiences. The acquisition of literacy is central to learning and the development of lifelong communication skills. Therefore, trade books are immersed into every curricular area so that students have opportunities to read authentic literature from a variety of genres. In addition, our Language Arts program exposes children to educational activities that involve all aspects of literacy: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Students at the First and Second grade levels use a “Guided Reading” program that allows teachers to customize literacy instruction to meet the needs of each child in a small group setting. Our hands-on approach to mathematics allows students to discover mathematical operations and relationships before they are exposed to formal algorithms. Students use a variety of approaches to solve mathematical questions including the use of manipulatives and technology. Special emphasis is placed on students developing a clear conceptual understanding of mathematics. Therefore, students will be asked to explain the process followed in writing, pictures, graphs, and finally with formal algorithms. In our science program, each student gains an appreciation of the physical and biological aspects of the world we live in through exploration and discovery learning opportunities. Using a “hands-on/minds-on” approach, students utilize the scientific method to become knowledgeable thoughtful, humane citizens who can and will participate effectively in a complex, global society. This philosophy also applies to our social studies curriculum, as students focus on civics, economics, geography, and history for the variety of cultures being studied.
Conover Road Elementary School
Conover Road Elementary School strives to nurture the creativity and enrich the intellect of young learners. Our school is comprised of grades 3, 4 and 5. Conover Road Elementary School offers a comprehensive curriculum, which develops life-long skills and provides challenging learning experiences. Our literacy program combines reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills, and is based in a literature-rich environment. Themes are developed that are developmentally appropriate, and literature is the catalyst to guide students through the discovery of concepts within these themes. We want students to discover the inner joy and self-illumination that comes with reading good literature and communicating well in speech and writing, and to take these into their adult lives, as well. Our mathematics program is hands-on and stresses both the building of essential skills and the development of higher-level problem-based thinking. Students are encouraged to make discoveries as well as take risks. In this environment, students work on hands-on activities which promote the ability to reason, the use of appropriate tools and technology, and the ability to communicate about mathematics orally, in writing and by using pictures, diagrams, and models. In science our students learn through discovery. Data analysis and the use of the scientific method is stressed while students work individually and cooperatively to find solutions and solve problems as they discover the world of plants, animals or atoms. In social studies our students develop a sense of the narrative flow of history to assist them to understand present-day events. We hope to develop young learners who are informed, reflective and act responsibly in a democratic society. Also important to our curriculum is the understanding of our multi-cultural society and our global community. Conover Road Elementary School offers a comprehensive related arts program, which includes general music, instrumental music, technology, media/library skills, physical education, health, safety, and character education. All students also participate in our World Language program in which they learn a world language and study the culture of that language. Our gifted and talented program (Resource Enrichment) provides a wide variety of exciting challenges for selected students. Our curriculum does not work in isolation, but rather it is integrated to provide meaning and reinforce learning. Literature links, technology connections, and cross-curricular cooperative experiences are used throughout our curriculum to strengthen understanding and to provide several opportunities for enrichment. At Conover Road Elementary School we encourage strong communication between home and school. We work collaboratively with our Colts Neck Parent Teacher Organization that provides us with library and computer support along with several extension programs designed to enhance our curriculum.
Cedar Drive Middle School
Cedar Drive Middle School offers a wide variety of academic and related arts programs to students in Grades 6-8. Our Middle School Committee has developed programs supporting interdisciplinary teaching, grade level teaming, and curriculum written and piloted by our teaching staff. The Language Arts Literacy curriculum has been designed around grade level themes which incorporate the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and the components of an integrated language arts program. The mathematics program fosters a sense of self-confidence and excitement about mathematics through promoting the ability to reason, construct mathematical ideas, and apply problem-solving strategies. In science we offer hands-on lab experiences. World Language is offered to all students daily. Students learn Spanish and learn to understand the people and culture of other countries. Our Related Arts program includes Art, Music, Computer Applications, Instrumental Music, Physical Education, Health, and Communication Arts. The Resource Enrichment Program (gifted and talented) offers selected students a wide variety of challenging activities. Students are provided with hands-on experiences in our Applied Technology Lab which include: Aerodynamics, Computer, Graphics, Biomedical Technology, Computer Assisted Drawing, Electronic Communications, Construction Technology, Industrial Control Technology, Research and Designing, Robotics, Multimedia Production, and Space Technology. After school activities include: yearbook, writing, photography, organizational skills, student newspaper, dance, student council, performing arts, soccer, baseball, cheerleading, and cross- country. Cedar Drive's Band receives high honors each year in competing at the Hershey Park Band Festival. Students have been enthusiastic about our service learning program, Make-A-Difference. The Colts Neck PTO is an integral part of Cedar Drive Middle School. Parents assist in all areas of middle school life. The Colts Neck PTO provides mini-grants to teachers to enhance classroom learning and fund new projects, as well as sponsored relevant assemblies/speakers for the students. We seek to promote a collaborative relationship among teachers, students, parents, and the community so that we will be able to achieve an optimal environment for all members of our learning community.
Last Modified on April 22, 2008