Colts Neck Township Schools

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BOE Buildings & Grounds/Safety & Security Committee

Kevin O'Connor, Chairperson
Marian Castner, Member 
Kathy Gizzo, Member 
Michael Taylor, Member 
Vincent Marasco, Administrator


BOE Communications Committee

Heather Tormey, Chairperson
Danielle Alpaugh, Member
Marian Castner, Member 
Kevin O'Connor, Member
Mrs. Terry Pilitzer, Administrator 
BOE Curriculum Committee 
Dr. Kimberly Raymond,  Chairperson
Kathryn Gizzo, Member
Jacquelyn Hoagland, Member 
Heather Tormey, Member 
Melissa Jones, Administrator


BOE Finance/Negotiations Committee

Kathryn Gizzo, Chairperson
Margaret Hernandez, Member
Jacquelyn Hoagland, Member 
Kimberly Raymond, Member
MaryJane Garibay, Co-Administrator
Vincent Marasco, Co-Administrator

BOE Policy Committee

Jacquelyn Hoagland, Chairperson
Danielle Alpaugh, Member 
Margaret Hernandez, Member
Michael Taylor, Member 
MaryJane Garibay, Administrator




Last Modified on January 5, 2017